Jostens brings a new way for your students to create and share the yearbook with their friends. At, students and parents collaborate to upload and share photos that can be included in the yearbook. It's your chance to get more of you and your friends in the yearbook. ReplayIt and the yearbook are better together!

ReplayIt is:

  • the premier school digital media platform that allows the school community to share its story
  • a unique website just for you and your school. It's constantly updated with new photos - of people, events, and activities from school - uploaded by the yearbook staff and other members of the school community. Join in the fun by uploading your own photos of you, your friends, and anything you want to share with the school!
  • a way for you to get involved in telling the story of your school year and creating your school's yearbook. Any photo you upload to ReplayIt will be available to the yearbook staff to include in the yearbook, and you get credit for it!

How does ReplayIt benefit my school and me?

  • Get more of a say in the yearbook - be more involved in the yearbook creation process by submitting photos, recommending content, voting in polls, and more.
  • More photos! See extra photos from the yearbook staff that didn't make the books, other students and members of the school community.
  • Create a better yearbook by leveraging more content from the school community.
  • New education opportunities around online content creation and publishing.
  • Safe, moderated portal for hosting and sharing school-related photos and vidoes.

How long will this year's content on ReplayIt be available?

  • ReplayIt is available to everyone in the school community for the entire school year. Students who buy the yearbook will enjoy continued, long-term access to the content on ReplayIt after the school year ends.
  • ReplayIt is brand new every school year - each year has its own unique story, so each year has its own unique ReplayIt site.

Who can sign up for a ReplayIt account?

  • Anyone in the school community can sign up for a ReplayIt account. You need an account to view, upload, share and interact with content on ReplayIt.
  • Our schools require a School Passcode to create an account. This Passcode is distributed in school by the yearbook adviser. If you need the passcode and do not know it, please contact your yearbook adviser. Contact information by be found on a quick link to the side.

Is ReplayIt safe? How am I protected against inappropriate content on ReplayIt? What about cyber-bullying?

  • All images uploaded by the community are screened to ensure they contain content that is school appropriate. This screening checks for nudity, profanity, drugs, alcohol, inappropriate gestures, gang signs, violence and weapons. Content only appears on ReplayIt once it has passed this screen.
  • In addition, any school community member can flag inappropriate content. The content is then immediately removed from the site. To flag an inappropriate piece of content, simply go to the image and click the flag icon benath the photo
  • On the upload screen, useres are also reminded of Pause Before You Post™ messaging which reminds them to consider the appropriateness of their content before uploading
  • Users who repeatedly upload inappropriate content will have their site privileges revoked.

Where can I access the ReplayIt Privacy Policy and Terms of Use?